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ドヴェン ュメンラュヲ ヴヨメヮ ヹワヵ ヴヨラヮル。

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NAKAMEGURO (Rixstep) -- The Rixstep ACP Text Services now include 'Kanachars' which transforms text to 'Matrix' katakana and back again.

The ACP Text Services are available as part of Rixstep's ACP.

A Simple Keyboard Shortcut

A simple keyboard shortcut is all you need - in Apple Mail, in a text file, in an online webform - anywhere. Simply select your text and hit the shortcut.

It's transformed.

チ ンラロヰレュ ルュヹモワメヲヤ ンヨワヲヴャヵヴ ラン メレレ ヹワヵ ヮュュヤ ー ラヮ チヰヰレュ ネメラレ、 ラヮ メ ヴュヸヴ ユラレュ、 ラヮ メヮ ワヮレラヮュ ヷュモユワヲロ ー メヮヹヷヨュヲュ。 ビラロヰレヹ ンュレュャヴ ヹワヵヲ ヴュヸヴ メヮヤ ヨラヴ ヴヨュ ンヨワヲヴャヵヴ。

ドヴェン ヴヲメヮンユワヲロュヤ。

You could use this text service to encrypt messages but it's hardly secure.

You can on the other hand use it because it's cool. And it's definitely cool.

フヰヤメヴュ ッワロラヮョ!

ACP users will get 'Kanachars' with their ordinary update at the end of this month. At which time they'll be able to decipher the rest of this page. [Especially with Safari which lets you edit read-only pages.]

It's easier than you think.

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