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CLIX 1.8.1c

Another maintenance release.

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CLIX 1.8.1c is a new maintenance release now available at Version Tracker. CLIX 1.8.1.c changes one thing: starting now you can use UTF-8. If you're familiar with CLIX see the link at the bottom of the page and get your copy now. If you're not familiar with CLIX keep on reading - and then get your copy.


The CLIX command file 华文楷体.clix contains commands using UTF-8 with CLIX 1.8.1c.

CLIX 1.8.1b

The earlier CLIX 1.8.1b maintenance release included a feature to send your own commands to the 'CLIX Exchange'. These contributions are already being catalogued and will be included in a future update of CLIX.

Simply select up to ten commands at a time and hit the keyboard shortcut ⌘@ and they're off.

More Commands Than You Can Shake A Stick At™

CLIX has it all - certainly more than any of the other incidental AppleScript system optimisers out there. If you still can't find what you want in CLIX, you can probably write it yourself.

For that's the genius of working with CLIX: it's extensible. You're not locked into a limiting complex of GUI doodads - how would you add a click box yourself? You add the commands you want all by yourself.

And they work instantly, first time and every time.

Because CLIX is a authentic native Cocoa software you can make all the command files you want: you can organise the commands you need in files of your own.

The World Around

A 10.5 Leopard installation comes with tens of thousands of directories - and perhaps over one hundred thousand files; and yet most of these are kept deliberately out of your reach. Navigating outside the harsh confines of your own backyard with your default system tools doesn't get you very far. But with CLIX you can see it all - and use it all.


CLIX is free because knowledge like this should be free - and must remain free. It's your right to know how to manage your computer and be in control of it.

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