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ACP 2.0.1 Rollout Complete

Things are looking simply splendid.

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MOUNT JOHNSTON (Rixstep) -- Rixstep's ACP 2.0.1 incorporates significant 'band-aid code' for OS X 10.5 'Leopard' and completes its rollout today.

Although development continues with 10.4 Tiger as the primary platform all ACP users continue to receive parallel builds of all applications for both 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard. New features apply to both ACP and Xfile versions of the product and for both Leopard and its predecessor Tiger.

Work began over one month ago in not simply overcoming deficiencies in Apple's 'beta release' of Leopard but in taking advantage of new technologies whilst steering clear of others that are not yet ready for prime time.

Executive Summary

Following is an executive summary of the changes and new features.

  • Xscan: revamped data model to better handle network searches and large search aggregates (often several hundred thousand files at once).
  • Mnemonics disabled in Leopard builds because this 'new feature' simply doesn't work right yet.
  • Focus rectangles incorrectly regarded as system default ferreted out and removed.
  • Alternate image libraries made available to users.
  • CLIX gets colours and the fun 'Matrix' output.
  • ACP Text Services 'Kata Chars': ability to decipher CLIX fun 'Matrix' output.
  • Several Apple APIs broken in Leopard get 'band-aid code' workarounds.
  • Full amalgamation of all possible text encodings for fast text editing.
  • Xfile gets 'band-aid code' to compensate for flaws found in Leopard's HFS.
  • Xfile's sorting algorithm enhanced and optimised.
  • Administration tool xabatch introduced to manage new extended attributes.
  • Band-aid workarounds in ACP services for persistent flaws in Leopard (and even Tiger).
  • Xfile gets expanded drag-drop capabilities.
  • Enhanced interactivity for file management prompts.
  • Ability via the ACP framework to 'freeze' application settings.
  • Band-aid workaround for flaw in Leopard concerning conflict between mouse and keyboard timers.
  • All Carbon linkage finally gone.
  • Further filter characters added to ACP Text Services.
  • CLIX gets 'submit commands' facility.
  • ACP Service Manager Pro enhanced with new external cache location.
  • The fabulous new übericons by Dali, so complex some took over 30 hours to render once designed.
  • Over 50 new CLIX commands.
  • CLIX (ACP version) migrates completely to UTF-8.
  • Xattrib overhauled to accommodate not only the new system/user flags recognised by Leopard but also the remaining flags defined by FreeBSD.
  • New ACP Web Service resources include EmailStuff Blacklist Check, Your Name in Japanese, RetailMeNot. Total number of web services now over 1200 (one thousand twelve hundred). Take that, Dashboard!
  • Applications use the ACP Framework to initialise not only the applications themselves but also their user defaults.
  • All 56 Cocoa applications tweaked for the Leopard target resulting in far better performance and disk footprints.
  • 'Super Xsed' application XX introduced.

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