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TPB Sued for €1,621,045

20 music CDs, 9 movies, 4 games.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) -- Several media corporations have today submitted a civil lawsuit to Stockholms tingsrätt against the four individuals responsible for The Pirate Bay.

They're demanding €1,621,045 in compensation.

Twenty music CDs, nine movies, and four computer games are cited.

To arrive at €1,621,045 the companies cited download statistics submitted by prosecutor Håkan Roswall in the criminal case and padded that figure with unspecified 'damages'.

'The compensation we demand is based on the albums prosecutor Roswall included in his case. The damage to music companies, artists, and copyright holders by the illegal operations of The Pirate Bay is actually many times bigger', writes IFPI CEO Lars Gustafsson in the press release.

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