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Clipothèque Standalone Rollout

Clipothèque's available in the ACP, in the Xfile Test Drive, and now as a standalone product.

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Finally there's a way to organise and enjoy your multimedia collection. With Clipothèque you store the links to your media files - not the files themselves. You can preview them directly in Clipothèque or view them in your default web browser.

And Clipothèque is available starting now. As a free test download. Click here.

[ftp://rixstep.com/Clipotheque.zip ← click here]

Clipothèque isn't just easy to use - it's too easy. A bit of drag, a bit of drop - and you're ready to go. You save clips from all your favourite media sites - Brightcove, CBS, College Humor, Kontraband - them all. And of course YouTube. Embed QuickTime movies and image files - even PDFs and HTML - all over the place.

Clipothèque brings all the Web 2.0 interactivity back to your desktop where you can manage it. It makes things easier and a lot more fun than you'd have ever thought possible.

Share the Love!

You share your favourite clips with your friends with Clipothèque: select which clips to send, hit the keyboard shortcut, and send away. Your friends can view your clips right in their mail program.

And It Costs?

The registered version of Clipothèque costs €11.75/US$17. You can order your copy now.

Or download the trial version and take it for a drive around the block first.

It's not just easy - it's too easy.

Want the wallpaper? Click here.

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