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Clipothèque 1.8.1b adds some stuff.

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Clipothèque 1.8.1b adds 'goodies.clip' - a new collection of nearly 200 'goodies'. Staff at Rixstep started with a full list of nearly a zillion gajillion media and image clips and in the first selection round whittled it down to 187 (one hundred eighty seven). In the second and final round they whittled the total down further to 186 (one hundred eighty six). These are the new clips in 'goodies.clip'. So even if you don't want to keep the program you might want to download it anyway as they can be fun to watch.

Now some fine print.

The 186 new clips include but are not limited to: the A-Team from NBC, ABBA at Wembley, Aerosmith videos, one Aha video, the Working Title trailer for Atonement, Beethoven's 5th Piano Concerto in T Minor, three Belinda Carlisle videos, three Benny Hill sketches, a Bob Arno show with John Ritter, the Bryan Adams Run To You video, the Cadbury Gorilla Advert, Cartman singing Kyle's Mom Is A Bitch, the Casino Royale trailer, the end scene to City Lights with Charlie Chaplin, Chaser's Dongers sketch and four more Chaser's sketches, the Corrs live at Eamon Dorans on TFI Friday, live at Lansdowne, and unplugged singing Old Town, the amazing Damon Scott and his monkey Bubbles on Britain's Got Talent, Darth Vader Calls Microsoft, David Lynch on the iPhone, Dire Straits at Wembley performing Brothers in Arms with Eric Clapton, the Courteney Cox vibrator scene from Dirt, the Dr Evil Hard Knock Life video, a Fox News special on 'Dress for Success', the complete hour long pilot episode of Due South, the Eagles performing Hotel California live as really old guys, Edie Brickell's Good Times Bad Times video from the Windows 95 CD, EMF's Unbelievable, Extreme's More Than Words video, the complete first episode ('A Touch Of Class') of Fawlty Towers, how to get free fast food, the complete George Carlin 'Back In Town' show at Madison Square Garden in 1996, the complete movie 'Hackers', two clips with Hayseed Dixie, a racy excerpt from the BBC series 'Hotel Babylon', HotForWords explains the ampersand, the Huey Lewis video for 'Back To The Future', the banned German IKEA ad 'Swedish Midsummer', the Indiana Jones documentary 'Indy On Set', Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey, Joe Cocker dislocating a shoulder at Woodstock, John Lennon's Imagine video, Kool & The Gang singing and dancing Celebration, a Levis ad, the amateur lightsaber duel, the professional lightsaber duel, Little Feat's Texas Twister video, how the Japanese dupe Australians, Madonna singing 'Like A Prayer' at Live8, Madonna's 'summer cottage', the MasterCard ad, Meg Ryan's fake orgasm, Meg Ryan's Japanese TV advert for Nohohon tea, Mélissa Theuriau on camera, Michelle Pfeiffer squirming on Jeff Bridges' piano, the Microsoft Paint documentary, Beds are Burning closing the 2000 Olympics, Lucky Country unplugged, Mike Nesmith's original 'Different Drum', Ming Tea with Susanna Hoffs performing 'BBC' and 'Daddy Wasn't There', five Nationwide UK ads including 'Doesn't Work Like That', the New Radicals' 'You Get What You Give', the Pretenders in X Files, the Prime Suspect Final Act US trailer, Robbie Williams at Live8, the Rolling Stones singing like themselves, Romy and Michele dancing with Sandy Frink and ordering a businesswomen's lunch, Carlos Santana and band performing live at Woodstock, Sheryl Crow singing with Pat Benatar and Sarah MacLachlan, Sister Sledge, the skateboarding bulldog Tyson, Slade's 'My Oh My' video, Spinal Tap in 'Goes To 11' and 'Love Pump', the Star Wars IV opening crawl, three versions of the Star Wars III opening crawl, the final battle scene in Star Wars III, Steve Winwood's Valerie, the complete 'Story Of The Traveling Wilburys' documentary, a great Superman dive, the alternate ending to Superman II, Susanna Hoffs performing outdoors, Susanna Hoffs in her mother's own movie, Susanna Hoffs performing live on Japanese TV, the Technobabble Commercial, the Kylie Minogue Agent Provocateur commercial with Main Offender by The Hives, the Shins' Phantom Limb, Tom Petty's Mad Hatter 'Don't Come Around Here No More' and 'I Won't Back Down', a Fox News special on 'Tummy Flattening Foods', the Japanese orchestral version of Queen's 'We Will Rock You', the Weezer 'Buddy Holly' video, seven scenes from Spielberg favourite 'Where Eagles Dare' with Clint Eastwood, the Who at Woodstock, the famous 'Who Reads The Newspapers' sketch from 'Yes Prime Minister', and some cute kittens and puppies.

Contents of 'goodies.clip' subject to change without notice.

So download Clipothèque now. Waste an afternoon watching weird video clips. Just click anywhere along this line.

Not just easy. Too easy.

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