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Bodström's Subconscious Writes Book and Movie

Either that or a television series.

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Former Swedish cabinet minister cum political rogue Thomas Bodström's debut novel is hardly on the shelves and already the movie rights have been picked up. The Tre Vänner (Three Friends) film production company jumped on the opportunity. Thomas is already at work on the followup.

'It's not me - it's my subconscious doing the writing', says Bodström, nicely matching his defence at the time of his bust of The Pirate Bay - namely that he did not tell state prosecutor Håkan Roswall to go after Peter Sunde and company as that would have been a crime in Sweden. No, insisted Bodström at the time, 'I didn't say a word to Roswall - my subconscious did!'

Bodström's new book 'Rymmaren' ('The Runaway') will reach Swedish book stores this week. A special audio version is due out on The Pirate Bay by the weekend. Peter Sunde also promises to have the film available 'ASAP'.

So Many Hats

Thomas Bodström's worn many hats in his career. In addition to being a cabinet minister, international spy, and amateur policeman he's been a football player, a dish washer, and - his first ever job - Kris Kringle at a McDonalds restaurant.

'That was really my favourite job ever', reminisced Bodström. 'But they explained to me there was no way to go up in that company. I resigned on Boxing Day. I was in tears.'

Can't Help It

About letting his subconscious get him into trouble over and over Bodström comments.

'You know this isn't really all that healthy. But the people in my book - they've become real to me. In my mind that is. In my subconscious. And when we - me and my subconscious - were finished with the first book my subconscious didn't want to let go. The people in the book came back to me. They were over just yesterday again for tea. They can't help it and neither can I.'

'So I talked to my subconscious and we agreed we had to write another book. It's almost obsessive compulsive but hey - what can you do?'

Asked if he had any comment on the harassment of Peter Sunde and The Pirate Bay Bodström was not as smooth and forthcoming.

'You'll have to talk to my subconscious about that, dude. I don't remember anything at all. Honestly. Nothing at all. Honest. Uh - good-bye. I gotta get started on our new book.'

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