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Latest OS X Update Causing Wireless Problems?

No one claims Apple Defects have nothing to report; everyone suspects they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

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Apparently the latest OS X 10.4.10 update isn't all joy. Some users are reporting performance problems with their WiFi.

So reported the once hyperactive website Apple Defects on 12 July 2007 - nearly a year ago.

Since then all has been mysteriously silent.

Bought Off?

Rumours the proprietors of Apple Defects were 'bought off' have not been corroborated - mostly because the proprietors refuse to reply to inquiries. But it is strange that the website stays online - with a dormant spam infested forum - for nearly a year, all bills paid - yet nothing more is added.

And coincidentally that almost gives the impression all is right in the world of Apple again. Almost.

The Apple Defects domain was registered on 6 June 2006 and quickly became the one stop portal for all information on Apple products, particularly the at times ridiculous gaffes in Apple's rushed migration to Intel.

Back in September 2006 MacInTouch conducted an extensive test of the new Intel computers and came to the conclusion only the relatively rare 17 inch MacBook Pros were comparatively 'safe' to buy.

Although Apple 'quality' stepped up as their new Chinese production lines assimilated more user friendly manufacturing standards new issues are reported regularly - which makes it all the more surprising the high traffic Apple Defects should suddenly become stagnant.


Apple Defects were several times intimidated by rabid Apple 'fanboys' who issued death threats and promised to 'do them in'. Their logo changed over time and their 'whois' information at registrar GoDaddy is protected as a result.

At the time reports of defects were at their highest Apple Defects had the following issues listed for the MacBook Pro.

Swollen battery, high pitch squeal, clicking under the delete key, electric shocks, heat, improperly applied thermal grease, mooing fans, melting power adapters, hissing LCD, uneven LCD, big dots on LCD, defective batteries, battery damage cause by heat, blown speakers, random shutdown, underclocked graphics, overall poor build quality, kernel panics due to wireless driver, Wifi signal stops, headphone jack microswitch failures.

The infinitely inferior MacBook - still a purchase no one can recommend - had the following issues listed.

Random shutdowns, randomly turning off, power cord issues, coloured screen lines on boot, sharp edges, display artifacts, display failures, improperly sealed cases, misaligned cases, discolouration of surface plastics, inappropriate fan management, hard drive thuds and clicks, mooing fan motors, failing keyboards, idle processor noise, extreme heat, blocked rear vents, poor heat dissipation, excessive thermal grease, ComboDrive and SuperDrive noises and other issues, destruction of media inserted into ComboDrive and SuperDrive, failed or blown speakers, inappropriately low speaker volume, defective/inefficient wireless/AirPort quality/reception, AirPort induced kernel panics, burning chemical/solvent odour, faulty trackpads, kernel panics with headphones, vibrating cases, weak LCDs.

Apple computers delivered to the proprietors of this site arrived dead on arrival as late as last autumn; owners of the final generation of Analbooks are even today reporting issues such as the infamous Bridget Riley lines; brand new laptops off the Chinese assembly lines with the new LED screens are failing; and more than one professional has reported to this site Apple are deliberately using second grade LED screens - and then compensating by adding a colour tint to the display.

No one claims Apple Defects have nothing to report; everyone suspects they got an offer they couldn't refuse.

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