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Weezer Pork and Beans

Everything about the hit in a single file.

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Weezer's new video, released on YouTube six days ago, already has over 4 million views.

For the video to their new release 'Pork and Beans' the group have assembled a long list of YouTube stars. The YouTube clip already has over 4 million views and over 22 thousand comments.

The song 'Pork and Beans' is about doing what you like to do no matter what other people think. What's cool? What's not cool? Those are the central questions in the song 'Pork and Beans'.

One thing's certain: the YouTube stars in the Weezer video aren't there because they're cool. But because they're funny and offer so much so openly.

The Numa Numa guy is here; the Afro Ninja guy is here. Miss South Carolina is here too with her remarkable monologue where she tries to explain why 26 million people in the US can't find their own country on a map. The Diet Coke Mentos rocket scientists are here too. Along with Daft Bodies, Daft Hands, Judson Laipply's Evolution of Dance, and Tay Zonday. Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo sings along with Zonday and darts in and out of the scenes in a white lab coat.

All in One Clip

You can download the Clipothèque file for the Weezer 'Pork and Beans' video and all associated videos here.

All in one file.

Not just easy. Too easy.

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