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McKinnon Has No Grounds for Appeal?

This ridiculous case never ends.

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LONDON (Rixstep) -- And so it drags on. Six years already. Still Gary McKinnon is not off the hook. Still the morons in the US want his scalp.

London resident Gary McKinnon was busted in the UK in 2002 for penetrating the so called defenses of the networks of the US Department of Defense and NASA. At the time many of these installations were running Microsoft Windows and McKinnon's gone on the record to claim breaking in was easy precisely because the networks were running Windows.

UK authorities summarily dismissed the charges but the cowboys in the US still haven't given up. What's McKinnon supposed to have done - in what they're calling the greatest network break-in of all time?

Nothing much. He didn't damage anything. He was merely interested to see if he could uncover any evidence of a coverup about Area 51. He's also revealed that the insides of these supposed networks running Microsoft Windows were swarming with other hackers - a real banquet in there in other words.

He didn't damage anything - all he did was make it painfully obvious the DOD and NASA had crappy security. It's probably the cost of finally creating secure networks they're putting on Gary's tab. Which is rather typical for this type of case.

The former UK Home Secretary, obviously aware of the need for keeping up relations with the junta across the pond, has already granted the US extradition request. But McKinnon's own solicitors argue - strangely enough - that this would breach McKinnon's human rights.

What utter rubbish. A nice holiday in GITMO? With a trial postponed indefinitely? And if there ever is a trial it will only help cover up the inadequacies of US military and government authorities? Sounds like a prospect too tantalising to pass by.

The sabre rattlers are talking about setting McKinnon in a prison cell for 45 years. If and when there is a trial. But McKinnon's already suffered more than people can imagine: he's had this nightmare hanging over his head for six years already. If the W people are out for revenge then guess what? They've already got it. They've already done so much to ruin someone else's life.

And they should feel immense satisfaction and pride in that.

And McKinnon's case was already brought before the High Court where the wiggy judges claimed in all sincerity they could find no grounds for appealing the Home Secretary's previous ruling. Evidently 'common sense' and 'human decency' are not in their agenda.

And so now the 'Law Lords' will take a look. Purportedly of particular interest is a threat supposedly levied by upstanding prosecutors in New Jersey who said McKinnon 'would fry'.

As state sanctioned murder capital punishment is today allowed only in extremely barbaric societies such as the US this news might be enough to turn the tide for Gary.

Let everyone hope it is so.

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