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For 30 September 2008.

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Ant & Dec sued for using name
Incredible. A gay Greek in the US wants $32 million from the famous Brit duo for using the word 'ant'.

Apple updates App Store to address developer misuse
Seems Apple have (inadvertently) stumbled onto another great trait in the 'Mac community'.

Ballmer changes tune while dancing around Apple's success
This man seems to think his destiny is to annoy as many people as possible. You don't have to think Apple are the bees knees - it's perfectly alright to hate Steve Ballmer on his own merits alone.

Why Stallman is wrong when he calls cloud computing stupid
Cloud computing is a trap, warns GNU founder Richard Stallman
'He insists that reliance on web-based software poses a serious risk to freedom and privacy.' He's right!

Microsoft, Washington State Sue Scareware Purveyors
Microsoft tries to put fear of God into scareware vendors
Only ten years down the line and they react. Of course this whole bloody business wouldn't be possible if Windows weren't so crappy. So if they really want to nip this one in the bud they could clean up their own act.

Australian ISPs offer US advice, smugness, on net neutrality
It works like a cartel. And Aussie ISPs have been ripping their customers off for ages.

Venezuela splashes out on laptops
Microsoft and Intel have been working very hard to crush the 'One Laptop Per Child' initiative. Venezuela buying one million Classmates is Faustian.

BT to kick off fresh Phorm trial
BT rolls out Phorm web tracking
This from the people who seem to love to be hated.

Norway starts legal strike against iTunes
Norway guns for Apple to ditch iTunes DRM
Norway gives Apple deadline to open up FairPlay DRM

Let us eat cake

Just take your girlfriend to Selfridges or Fortnum & Mason and you'll understand.

Directly access System Preference panes in the Dock
Pref panes function as documents on the far side of the divider. Works even with Tiger 10.4.11 or perhaps even further back.

Safari's WebKit passes Acid3 test
Colour us not impressed. So what? Safari's JavaScript engine is still crap.

Time to bail?
AAPL falls near 20% on market gloom
The sky is falling!

Web Fraud 2.0: Fake YouTube Page Maker Helps Spread Malware

Too cool for words. Just keep making fun of Windows. People are bound to catch on any millennium now.

Fake Antispyware Purveyor Doubles as Domain Registrar
Talk about dystopian. Of course yet again as we all know by now: none of this would be possible were it not for Bill Gates.

Russian Police Know Who Wrote Gpcode Virus
Of course you know what Gpcode is, right? You don't? Could that be because you're too smart to get caught running Windows online? 'Gpcode used 1024-bit RSA/128-bit RC4 to lock up victims' data - an uncrackable combination that left the world with only one solution: find the virus author to get the master key.' Too cool for words. Keep humiliating Windows.

OmniWeb 5.8 Browser Released
Who cares? Watch how Omni spam the comments. Nawty nawty.

Firefox 3.0.3 Fixes Password Issue
Fixes bug introduced in 3.0.2. Another 18 MB download. See review here.

Grid of 100,000 computers heralds new internet dawn

Get your own today if only for the graphics.

Analysis: Google is playing the long game against Apple
And Ladbrookes favour Google. Apple to Google may end up being what the ][ was to the PC.

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