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Test Drive Xfile 2.0.1

Completely new build with new applications.

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TOMIGUSUKU (Rixstep) — Rixstep release a completely new build of the Xfile Test Drive optimized for Mac OS X Leopard along with several new applications.

The full list of applications now includes Clipothèque, the full ACP version of CLIX, FileInfo, MD, Rixcomp, Rixmode, TMI, Tracker, Undercover, Xattrib, Xfile, Xfind, Xscan, Xsed, Xshelf, Xstamp, and Xstrings.

Xfile from Rixstep is the only file manager for Mac OS X capable of seamlessly handling all file systems — fdesc, HFS+, HFS+ case-sensitive, UFS, volfs, ZFS. It's the only file manager capable of detailing all file information available on OS X — and offering full editing capabilities for all these system features.

And Xfile is the only file manager for Mac OS X that shows you everything — literally everything. Without exception. You'll be amazed — perhaps even shocked — at how much is out there that you never saw before.

Xfile manages 'file flags' (user and system append, immutable, etc); 'sticky bits'; set user and group ID bits; it displays major and minor device numbers, inodes (CNIDs), number of links, blocks used, optimal block sizes, and file generation numbers for the superuser; it creates both hard and symbolic links.

    Click here or on the above graphic to order Xfile now. See the link below to get the free test drive.

All of this is supported by your operating system. Almost none of it is supported by any other file browser. Especially Apple's Finder.

Additional utilities included allow manipulation of two Unix and five HFS time stamps; batch and recursive mode and time stamping; the remarkable Xshelf; the comprehensive 'post mortem' analysis tool Tracker; complete access to legacy MacOS filesystem data; and more.

Test drive Xfile 2.0.1 now.

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