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Apple's New Notebooks: Fallout

Not many proclaiming they're happy campers.

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Apple's brand fanatics are a breed apart. This is common knowledge. They seem to have a need to always contradict their leaders in One Infinite Kremlin just to show who's really running the company.

That's the way it can look - until one gets closer and sees more detail.

Reactions to the new notebooks haven't been much short of hostile. As one punter put it:

I've never experienced this level of negativity on MacRumors.com and I am logging off until at least Thursday. Perhaps by that time we will actually have legitimate opinions from those that have seen/used the new notebooks.

Where's the Beef?

Reading through the miles long threads discussing these new computers might take weeks - and accomplish very little. What others who've read through them seem to be taking home is the following.

  • Aluminium isn't sturdy enough.
  • The keyboard isn't a real keyboard.
  • DVI sorely lacking on the MacBook Pro.
  • MacBook Pro FireWire port is only 1394b.
  • The glass screen is glossy. Pros don't like that.
  • The price is too high. Especially in the current financial meltdown.
  • There's no FireWire on the MacBook. There are conspiracy theories why.

Student discounts are also less than before all the while the price of the MacBook's gone up by 20%.

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