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Dismissing the News

For 11 November 2008.

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Be a Bond Baddie
Impress your friends, scare your family - send them a personal message of intimidation by transforming yourself into an evil Bond villain.

Internet addiction made an official disorder in China
China could become the first country to classify Internet addiction as a clinical disorder and plans to lead the world by registering the condition with the World Health Organisation.

Into the breach, normal people, and sod the polar bears
Jeremy Clarkson lashes back.

If I ruled the world, by Jeremy Clarkson
The platform of the most popular British PM candidate never to run.

Sexy maths: How to get the upper hand at poker
Or why you have to shuffle a deck exactly seven times if you want to play fair.

Are you smart enough to work for Microsoft?
The comments are what's most precious.

Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge
There's a list of 'puzzle solving tools' too. But do you care? See comments for article above.

Don't Stop Believin' - the greatest power rock ballad of all time?
Most downloads at any rate.

How many spam emails are sent before someone actually replies?
12.5 million. And they still turn a profit.

Study shows how spammers cash in
By hijacking a working spam network, researchers have uncovered some of the economics of being a junk mailer. The spam study was carried out in early 2008 by computer scientists from UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. The team took over a chunk of the Storm network. Very interesting study which also once again shows how stupid Windows users are.

A worm in your inbox: 25 years of the computer virus
'Hence the despair of computer users around the world whose PCs have ground to a halt due to any one of the thousands of viruses, from Trojan horses to lops and worms.' There's no reason to despair. Just stop being so stupid and get off Windows.

Full review: The T-Mobile G1 Google phone
With Flash demonstration. Watch the unlock feature.

You Tube to start showing full-length films
But only to US viewers. Time to dust off that proxy hunter.

iPod headphones 'can cause pacemaker problems'
'Small but strong magents inside headphones can deactivate the devices if placed within 1.2 inches of them, posing a real risk to the patient. The MP3 players themselves posed no threat.'

Pete Carr Desktops
A Liverpudlian who's done some remarkable photographic work.

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