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The Spotify Bandwagon

Everybody wants on it.

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Businesses have taken notice of Spotify. Technology and accessory companies are standing in line to discuss joint ventures with the company. But Spotify are keeping quiet as always.

Talk of the Net

Spotify are the most talked about startup on the Internet these days. The music portal opened doors in October and users and media sources both have been lyrical about the new service.

So far the Spotify client runs only on Windows and Apple's Mac OS X but the company are known to be testing ports for both the iPhone and Nokia's Symbian. And at least one MP3 player manufacturer are in discussions with Spotify already.

Ericsson have also been chatting with Spotify. They see anything that stimulates an increase in net traffic as positive. And that's precisely what Spotify are doing.

'We definitely regard Spotify as a base on which other exciting technologies can be built', says Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and goes on to cite Listiply and Spotify DJ as two early examples.

'We'll be taking further steps to establish Spotify as a platform in 2009', says Ek.

It's still unclear how cellphone manufacturers will react to the coming Spotify clients for the iPhone and Symbian. Nokia, Sony, and Apple already have their own mobile music services which in theory will be competing directly with Spotify.

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