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Heaps More Spotify Buzz

'Best app ever' is being heard more and more.

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'The celestial jukebox arrives', wrote Paul Lamere back in October 2008. Lamere works for Sun Labs, researching ways to organise and search for music. Lamere calls Spotify 'the best online streaming music app - bar none'.

Lamere has also written a Spotify application called Music Explaura which integrates with Spotify technology.

'Spotify is the closest thing there is to the celestial jukebox - with (nearly) all music available on demand', says Lamere.


Lamere calls his blog at Sun Microsystems 'On the stairway to the Celestial Jukebox'. He's been researching the Spotify model for some time. He's seen ancillary sites like Listiply sprout up. Listiply simply offers automatic Spotify playlists. Click a link and you're off.

'Right now I'm listening to svängigt, jazzigt, elektroniskt - which is filled with music I've never ever heard of - but it is really good to listen to while working', says Lamere who goes on to explain why he thinks this is such a big deal.

'By creating URLs to everything (tracks, artists, albums, playlists) Spotify is enabling sites like Listiply. By adopting standards like XSPF Spotify playlists will play well with others. And Spotify is fast. It feels faster than my iTunes does despite the fact the music Spotify is serving is probably thousands of miles away whilst iTunes is serving music and metadata right from my hard drive. It is not hard to understand why people are going to extreme lengths to get a Spotify invite.'

Photos from the Spotify party 27 September 2008 at Berns in Stockholm. The 43+ regular staff had lots of friends turn up at the classic venue.

40 Invites Gone in an Hour

Robert Nyman got ahold of 40 invites to Spotify after visiting the crew at their September bash. He announced this online and an hour later they were gone. Posting on a lazy Sunday 5 October 2008 Nyman - who hadn't previously announced anything - got overrun as the word of the invites spread on the web. Nyman's account of the Spotify party can be found here.

I Wanna Get a Spotify Invite

Jean-Baptiste Le Guen registered his single page website's domain on 30 March last year. It's sole purpose? Get him onto Spotify. 'My heart is in Sweden', says one of the two graphics from the site. [The other seems to be a wink at Spotify's Sofia Bendz.]

The Alternative to Piracy

Resolving the conflicts between music companies and music lovers: 'with Spotify this might be possible', says 'Ernesto' at TorrentFreak. Ernesto points out that one of the Spotify engineers is none other than Ludvig Strigeus, the creator of μTorrent.

The TorrentFreak article goes into further technical detail to explain how the Spotify service can be so unbelievably fast.

Photo of a very sad Jean-Baptiste Le Guen from his website hanging a lip and pouting because he hasn't been able to get an invite to Spotify.

Try It Now!

The word's spreading fast: there are now any number of sites publishing a workaround for Spotify's current restrictions. TechCrunch published the details only a week ago. The workaround relies on Spotify letting you 'roam' with your account, something that only holds for a fortnight. But it can give people in the Unfortunate Zones™ an opportunity to see what the buzz is about.

Bobbie and Sofia with MPBs in the new offices at the Royal Library. Staff gather as Spotify goes online for the first time. Sofia in the sushi bar.

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