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The trial against The Pirate Bay starts tomorrow.

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Swedish state prosecutor Håkan Roswall has been bulldozing his way through to the courts on his own Sherman march and claims it will all be over by 5 March 2009.

The outcome is a foregone conclusion: Swedes find themselves threatened with economic sanctions if they can't - or refuse to - string up The Pirate Bay. Money talks; justice walks.

Sam Sundberg's Trial Blog
Author of a recently released book on file sharing - who found his book available on The Pirate Bay two days before publication - will be blogging on the trial for Svenska Dagbladet.

'Political Trial of the Decade'
Rick Falkvinge has written and excellent piece on what's really at stake in this trial.

The Internet Changed EVERYTHING
More Falkvinge. English translation soon available at this site.

Landmark Pirate Bay Trial Begins Monday
Coverage at Wired.

Winds of Change in 'Old Media'
Rick Falkvinge notices the old media guard are slowly catching on. English translation soon available at this site.

Rick Falkvinge's Trial Blog

Piratpartiet LIVE!
Live coverage, streamed press conferences, links, and more.

Bambuser: Spectrial
Pretty crappy streaming but it costs nothing to try.

AP Sweden: Trial Summary
Hot off the presses. Authored by Louise Nordström.

NewTeeVee: The Definitive Primer to the Pirate Bay Trial

Times Online: Internet piracy trial of the decade to begin

The Pirate Bay: Spectrial

Bloggy: Spectrial

Nyheter24: The Pirate Bay Press Conference

Nyheter24: Falkvinge Dismisses Threats
Rick Falkvinge says there's more bark than bite in the threats of the MPAA and RIAA.

Flickr: The Pirate Bay Press Conference
Photos from today's event.

S23K - Lollerskates für Alle
Sage of The Pirate Bay city bus arriving from Beograde to Stockholm to add to the trial festivities. http://piratbyran.org/s23k

Comments at Slashdot
Some are actually close to intelligent for once.

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