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iPhone 3.0, Shortly

And it's not 'OS X' anymore. Summary in brief.

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√ Greg Joswiak. Does a good Jobs on stage.
√ 17 million iPhones, 13 million Touches. The #1 cash cow.
√ 80 countries, 800,000 SDK downloads. 50,000 in the programme.
√ 800,000,000 app downloads, 98% of apps approved. And most within 7 days.
√ Scott Forstall. Takes over and runs the rest of the 87 minute show.
√ 1,000 new APIs. Many examples to follow.
√ In App Purchase. Same servers, not for free apps.
√ Generous Apple. 3rd party set prices, Apple take 30%. (Merchants normally take ~10%.)
√ P2P networking. Uses Bluetooth and Bonjour.
√ APIs for accessories. Such as equalisers in speakers.
√ Maps. It's an API but sometimes you can't get the tiles.
√ Push notification. Took this long as it needed to be rescaled. Uses server park, cuts down on battery drain.
√ Notification types. Badges, text alerts, audio alerts.
√ In app mail. SMTP from anywhere.
√ In app music. Using local music library.
√ Prototype 3.0 apps. Presented by guests.
√ Meebo. Seth Sternberg shows the new interface with push notification.
√ Electronic Arts. Travis Boatman shows off Sims 3.
√ Oracle. Hody Crouch shows off 'enterprise' stuff.
√ ESPN. Oke Okaro shows off new app. ESPN will do huge number of push notifications and new video streaming.
√ LifeScan. Anita Mathew shows off diabetes app.
√ Ngmoco :). Neil Young shows off bang-bang game, gets biggest applause so far.
√ Smule. Ge Wang and colleague play Phantom of the Opera on Leaf Trombone.
√ Cut Copy & Paste. Yes. It's true. Uses HTML parsing to find graf boundaries. For all apps.
√ Undo/Redo. Fun thing: shake the thing to get the menu.
√ Multiple mail attachments. Bog down SMTP good and proper.
√ MMS, voice memos. Applause. But no MMS for iPhone classic.
√ Universal search. Calendar, Mail, song library, et al.
√ Spotlight. Flick home screen left. Faster than browsing home screens.
√ 100 new features. Not 150 - 100. Of course no time to go through them all. Full list published later.
√ Developer beta. Available now to all in the programme.
√ iPhone OS 3.0. No talk of 'OS X' anymore.
√ Available shortly. Sometime this summer. Free for iPhones, $10 for Touch.
√ Jobs Jr again. Joswiak returns to stage to end seance.

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