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Spotify Movie: Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club

And a premium cellphone version is coming.

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STOCKHOLM (IDG) -- A Spotify premium cellphone service is coming and new functionality seen in Spotify technology hints at 'Spotify Movie' a bit further off.

Swedish Spotify have been working for some time on their cellphone client. Currently they're focusing on the iPhone and devices based on Android and Symbian.

The cellphone Spotify will cost money. This was corroborated by Spotify CEO Daniel Ek at a breakfast seminar at Benny Andersson's Hotel Rival in Stockholm 29 April 2009.

'Yes this will be a premium service', said Ek.

It's still unclear when the cellphone service will be made available. A while back a film clip appeared on YouTube with an iPhone interface. The project is led by Kenet Works founder and former Yahoo employee Gustaf Söderström who was hired on by Spotify in January.

The move into the cellphone sector is another example of Spotify's attempts to win more paying customers. For some time the company have been offering premium paying users advance access to new albums.

Third party products for Spotify will also be released only as premium products.

Spotify also showed off their new video ads at the seminar which indicates they've already built support for movies into the platform which in turn suggests a future 'Spotify Movie' - something many have already shown a clear interest in.

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