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Xfile Test Drive

Tracker back in the fold.

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BRISBANE (Rixstep) -- The Xfile Test Drive is now at version, reintroducing Tracker with the new architecture.

The Xfile Test Drive now contains a full dozen applications. It's available in three formats for downloading. Choose your favourite.

Xfile.dmg1287926 bytes  ‹ Click to Download ›
Xfile.tar.bz2  969808 bytes  ‹ Click to Download ›
Xfile.zip1010265 bytes  ‹ Click to Download ›

Clearly the 'bzip2' image is the leanest. But all three contain self-mounting DMG files. And the software requires no further installation - just run everything 'as is'.


Tracker has been incorporated into the new test drive architecture. It's the only known way to have full control over what's going on in your system - installers, sneaky apps/trojans, etc. It's also a file manager in its own right.


The Xfile Test Drive is both feature- and time-limited (but the time constraints are not at all severe). You should have enough time to get a good idea of what the software is like and how it works.

Proceed to the Xfile Test Drive page for the free download URL or use the links above. Drive safely!

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