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Rixstep: New AWS, New CLIX, New Xfile

Three nice upgrades almost at once.

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YSTAD (Rixstep) -- ACP Web Services, CLIX, Xfile Test Drive Available now.

[Note: at time of writing the FTP server is overloaded. Please try later if you can't get in right away.]

ACP Web Services


  • 1396 resources.
  • 23 New 'Wapedia' resources.
  • Also available as bzip2 (252KB).
  • Cosmetic improvements.
  • Manager completely rebuilt.
  • Streamlined browser.
  • Note new URL.



  • New build (new URL) brings this version in line with the ACP version.
  • 1952 commands including new commands for monitoring Apple Mail bugs.
  • Downloads in bzip2 (163KB) and DMG (203KB) formats also available.
  • Adds '14tips' command file to combat some of the woes with the Safari 4 beta. Can also be downloaded separately - see http://rixstep.com/2/4/20090524,00.shtml for further info.
  • Additional configurable settings. Completely new help system. Builds on version 2.0, the biggest update in the program's history.
  • iTrojan.clix to combat trojans, DTrace workshop, more.
  • This update recommended for all CLIX users. Consult http://rixstep.com/index.xml for further info or visit the product page.

Xfile Test Drive


  • New 'express' edition. Nothing to 'install', nothing to uninstall either. Just open the package and double-click the DMG and everything's ready to run 'as is'.
  • Also available in bzip2 (915KB) and ZIP (896KB) formats.
  • New app: Tracker - control on-disk activity and manage it.
  • New app: ACL - access control list editor/viewer currently in beta.
  • Cosmetic enhancements to some apps to bring in line with registered versions.

Have a great summer.

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