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Send in the Gardeners

Weeds are growing at One Infinite Loop.

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Google CEO Eric Schmidt has stepped down from the Apple board of directors, citing conflicts of interest. Apple released a statement saying they and Schmidt reached this decision because Google are now entering more and more markets that compete directly with Apple.

Mack Diesel suggests the real reason might be deeper still.

'The truth finally comes out. This has nothing to do with AT&T and everything to do with Jobs' ego as I suggested here.'

I really believe that the true underlying reason Apple rejected Google Voice is because they are acknowledging that Google are a very real threat to their entire product ecosystem.

Microsoft won the desktop battle and Google won the search battle - we already know that. Microsoft being Microsoft wanted to dominate search as well. They've failed miserably. And now with Bing creeping onto Google's turf, Google decided it was time to conqueror Microsoft's own turf - the desktop. As an indirect consequence, however, Apple are also threatened.

'And given everything we know about SJ, I wouldn't be surprised to see a new default search engine in Safari.'

Another excerpt from my commentary about GV.

If they're even smart enough, they'll get real cozy with Google. Because if they're going to cry like a little boy in the sandbox who had his toys taken away, Apple are grass and Google are the fucking lawnmower.

'Looks like we know which route Apple decided to take. There are weeds growing at One Infinite Loop. Send in the gardeners.'

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