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Kill IE6!

30 million lusers getting the pitch.

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The campaign to kill Microsoft's notorious web browser IE6 is underway. Even Microsoft are embarrassed by its existence - although the disreputable Redmond corporation at the same time promise 'support' for another five years. Yet many companies are today actively engaged in a campaign to remove at least this MS product from the Internet.

'IE6 adds about 50% more development work', says Weebly CEO David Rusenko. 'Developers can't wait until IE6 is gone. It's holding the web back', he adds in the understatement of the millennium.

Digg announced last month IE6 users will be blocked from some site activities such as commenting. [Would that they were just as lenient with other non-MS products.] YouTube will also stop supporting IE6. And there's an IE6 Must Die petition on Twibbon with over 10,000 participants.

Recent statistics show about 27% of all online surfers are still congenital idiots running IE6. But David Rusenko insists his company won't be trying to discard them. 'We're just showing them a message telling them they're running an out of date browser.'

All the Internet needs are comparable messages telling the dimwitted they're also running an inherently unsafe operating system.

How soon we forget. When I was in my 'will code for beer' college days IE 3.5 was the browser that needed to die in fire. All that proprietary garbage only supported by that one version - what a nightmare to support. It's like it needed its own World Wide Web.
 - 'another mike'

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