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Sony + Google == YES

It's Waterloo all over again.

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MINATO (Rixstep) -- ソニー株式会社 (Sony Corporation) ink a deal with Google to provide Chrome as the default web browser on all their computers. Meanwhile Steve Ballmer is throwing chairs.

The house of cards is holding very well and Google are expected to push for similar deals with the other Wintel OEMs.

Chrome currently has a 3% market share, still less after a year than Safari, Firefox, or Internet Exploder. Sony's Vaio machines are already shipping with the Google browser installed.

Steve Ballmer was not available for comment.

Wellington + von Blücher

Microsoft have of late been desperately seeking a way to stop the Mountain View juggernaut, most recently inking a deal of their own with Yahoo - a deal industry players are still laughing at: Yahoo stock dropped a walloping 10% when the deal was first announced. And instead of waiting for Ballmer's next abortive move, the Googlers go on the attack on Microsoft's home turf. Ouch. It's Waterloo all over again. Will Steve Ballmer retire to St Helena?

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