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32/64-Bit ExtensionsSnow Leopardshow count of 32-bit and 64-bit extensions
App Firewall LogNetworkshow app firewall log
Attachment XAs OffMailtoggle 'Windows friendly attachments' off
Attachment XAs ReadMailread 'Windows friendly attachments' toggle
Attachment XAs RestoreMailrestore default 'Windows friendly attachments' behaviour (on)
Audit CleanSecurityClean audit trail files
Audit PrauditSecurityshow contents of audit trail files
Audit ShowSecurityshow audit trail files
Check Mail.app 1MailCheck Mail.app for schlopp
Check Mail.app 2MailCheck Mail.app for schlopp
Check Mail.app 3MailCheck Mail.app for schlopp
DiagnosticMessagesSystemshow contents of DiagnosticMessages
DiagnosticMessages CleanCleanclean DiagnosticMessages
DiagnosticMessages Clean & ShowSystemclean DiagnosticMessages and show results
DiagnosticMessages PurgeCleanpurge DiagnosticMessages
DiagnosticMessages StoreDataSystemshow DiagnosticMessages/StoreData
DYLDSystemshow contents of db/dyld
DYLD Shared Region RootsSystemshow contents ofshared_region_roots
DYLD Shared Region Roots PathsSystemshow shared region roots paths
DYLD Shared Region Roots Paths 2Systemshow shared region roots paths
DYLD Shared Cache Map i386Systemshow dyld shared cache map for i386
DYLD Shared Cache Map RosettaSystemshow dyld shared cache map for Rosetta
DYLD Shared Cache Map x86_64Systemshow dyld shared cache map for x86_64
FlatfileSystemshow strings in flatfile.db
FoldersSystemshow contents of /var/folders
Hello World the Hard WayDesktopoutput 'hello world' using pbs command line tools
HFS+ Private DataSystemshow contents of HFS+ Private Data
Kernel LogSystemshow kernel log
krb5kdcSystemshow contents of Kerberos 5 key distribution centre
Launchd OverridesSystemshow general launchd overrides
Launchd Overrides 2Systemshow general aunchd overrides using 'defaults'
Launchd Overrides 501Systemshow launchd overrides for default user
Launchd Overrides 501 2Systemshow launchd overrides for default user using 'defaults'
LeasesNetworkshow DHCP client leases
LSHandlersDesktopshow launch services handlers
Next Token IDSystemshow next token ID
Orphans ShowMailcheck for orphaned messages
Orphans ListMailfind orphaned messages
Orphans RemoveMailremove orphaned mail messages
PostfixSystemshow contents of spool/postfix
Quarantine DisableSecuritytoggle download quarantine off
Quarantine ReadSecurityread download quarantine toggle
Quarantine ResetSecuritytoggle download quarantine on
Remove Quarantine XASecurityremove quarantine XA from files in ~/Downloads
RootSystemshow contents of /var/root
Samba SharesNetworkshow smb.shares
Sandbox CacheSystemshow sandbox cache files
Sandbox Cache RemoveSystemremove sandbox cache files
Secure LogSecurityshow secure log
ShadowSecurityshow contents of /var/db/shadow
SNTP LogNetworkshow SNTP log
Spacer TileDockadd spacer tile to dock
Spotlight ReceiptsSystemshow Spotlight receipts
StackshotLogshow contents of com.apple.stackshot
Stackshot 2Logshow contents of com.apple.stackshot using 'defaults'
SudoSecurityshow contents of /var/db/sudo
System LogSecurityshow system log
Tmp LaunchdSystemshow contents of /var/tmp/launchd
uuid-tokenIDSystemshow uuid-tokenID.plist
uuid-tokenID 2Systemshow uuid-tokenID.plist using 'defaults'

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