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Krebs on Security

Brian Krebs leaves WaPo after fifteen years.

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The immensely useful 'Security Fix' blog by Brian Krebs moves to its own domain tomorrow. (It's already active today.)


I will continue to eschew chasing the security story of the day, as there are plenty of sites you can go to for that. My focus will remain on publishing information and reporting that you won't find anywhere else - and with a minimum of editorialising.

Brian's become known especially in the past year for his extensive unearthing of the woes that plague users of Microsoft Windows - something that's inevitable. He's also done some major undercover work in the past, digging into the boundless world of Internet crime. He's won several awards for his journalism.

Brian's career in IT (he's not an IT professional) began with programming the Apple II. In 2001 his home network was overrun by a hacking group: the Lion Worm locked him out of his own system twice. After that there was no turning back.

Much of my knowledge about computers and Internet security comes from having cultivated regular and direct access to some of the smartest and most clueful geeks on the planet. The rest I think probably comes from a willingness to take risks, make mistakes, and learn from them.

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