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Bozo's Bullshit Bingo

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Ask anyone at this site what they think of U2's Bozo. It won't be flattering. You'll hear things like 'pretentious illiterate stupid prat' and the like. And the shoe really fits. No one's ever loved the jackass Bozo more than he loves himself. Follow his Twitter feed for half a day to grasp how truly stupid he is.

Then suddenly there's a MAFIAA PR move - with a piece obviously ghostwritten because Bozo doesn't know words that big or grammar that well - and the inglorious kingpin of triviality and truisms pulls the coffin lid shut on his own eminently forgettable career.

And although the media reaction to this jackass is unanimous and overwhelming, perhaps no one splats Bozo in his fat nose better than Anna Troberg of Sweden's Pirate Party who really takes him apart, slime strand for slime strand. Anna's intelligent and educated; Bozo doesn't have a chance.

Bozo has proclaimed the totalitarian regime of China as a great role model. You heard right. Bozo thinks China is a pioneer in network marketing. In censorship that is. For if we're to talk turkey, then this is what it's about. Bozo seems to have graduated from Copyright College with the highest honours. In his tiny snippets where he writes about the terrible pirates he goes for a hat trick in Bullshit Bingo.

  1. Bozo's not thinking about himself - he's thinking about the 'young fledgling songwriters who can't live off ticket and t-shirt sales like the least sympathetic amongst us'. Ah yes - another megastar who claims to represent lesser artists. And I can see why. For if you let those lesser artists speak for themselves, then those worthless people will say the Internet is their best PR channel bar none. And you can't let people go around saying things like that! Perish the thought!

  2. 'If China can control the Internet then so can we!' Wow. But to begin with, China perpetrates a TERRIBLE censorship. Which should disqualify them as any type of ethical example even when it comes to file sharing. But if Bozo isn't happy with that, one can point out that China doesn't succeed anyway - there are namely myriad ways to circumvent their amateurish 'censorship'.

  3. Last but not least Bozo pulls out the Mother of All Trump Cards: CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. The MAFFIAA must be proud as shit of Bozo: he's swallowed their propaganda hook line and sinker. We who are only a bit better educated know those who spread child pornography hardly do it openly at file sharing sites. And we also know that trying to connect ordinary honourable file sharing with child pornography is a dirty trick the MAFFIAA themselves came up with: the Danish Anti-Piracy Bureau have been at it for years.

So maybe we should take a closer look at this BOZO. Times are tough in Ireland right now. And so the Irish were furious when they heard last year that U2 moved their company to Holland to evade taxes. And you might think that cheap, what with royalties always being tax-free in Ireland so Bozo and U2 could make a shit-load over the years.

But anyway. The reason U2 still and all chose to move their company was that the government in these tough times chose to put a ceiling on 'tax-free'. The ceiling was put at €250,000 (~$400,000) which doesn't seem so cheap at all. Who wouldn't welcome the chance to earn $400,000 per year without having to pay taxes? But that wasn't good enough for U2.

It's everyone's prerogative to register their companies where they want. And Bozo and the others fleeing taxation is something between them and the Irish tax authority. But what's interesting about this anecdote is Bozo's reaction to the public outcry - he said he was 'stung and hurt'! How can he not understand he's really pissing people off?

Things aren't too good in Ireland right now. The price of oil and coal have doubled many times in recent years. And because these are the only choices people have to keep warm, there are today a lot of people who can't stop from freezing.

And unemployment is so high that McDonald's are getting job applications from bankers, architects, and economists - all of which would rather flip burgers than live on the street.

And then right in the middle of this along comes Bozo - and says he has a right to continue to pay NO TAXES AT ALL, just as they've been doing all along, $400,000 tax-free per year is just too little.

Something tells me this latest dying swan scam about the terrible pirates is going to inflate the self-confidence and the membership numbers of the country's newly formed Pirate Party.

Creators are to be paid. But when they start saying China shines as a good example of how to control the Internet and begin expressing shock that ordinary people think they too should pay taxes - even if it's not close to what ordinary people have to pay - then they've lost touch.

If only greed and ignorance could sequester carbon, Bozo could finally save the planet.
 - Cory Doctorow
John Lennon bought it and that sack of shit Bozo is still yammering away. There's no justice in the world.
 - 'gerboy'

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