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IBM's New POWER7 Systems

A true leap forward.

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ARMONK (Rixstep) -- IBM's new POWER systems represent a true leap forward to more intelligent systems that minimise complexity, automate processes, and reduce energy consumption, downtime, and other operational costs. On a smarter planet these are the only benchmarks that matter.

Featuring a multi-core 45 nanometer design and running at speeds of over 4.1 GHz with up to 8-cores per socket and four threads per core, POWER7 systems combined with IBM systems software, middleware, and storage deliver unprecedented performance for both transactional and throughput computing.

The new POWER7 processor-based systems are designed with workload optimising technologies. Intelligent Threads technology dynamically switches the processor threading mode to deliver optimal performance for different workloads. TurboCore™ mode offers the option to optimise the system for frequency and cache utilisation delivering the maximum per core performance for database and transaction workloads. Active Memory™ Expansion helps reduce memory costs by enabling physical memory to be logically expanded up to 100 percent for some workloads - such as SAP.

Virtualisation Without Limits

PowerVM and VMControl virtualization software plan support for up to 1,000 virtual machines for AIX, IBM i and Linux applications workloads on a single POWER7 processor-based system. PowerVM Live Partition Mobility enables companies to eliminate many scheduled outages by easily migrating applications between POWER6 and POWER7 systems.

Management with Automation

IBM Systems Director provides advanced physical and virtual server platform management. IBM Systems Director Editions provide a broad choice of packages simple-to-use automated management tools, including the cross-platform virtualization management capability of VMControl, and selected Tivoli enterprise service management tools.

Dynamic Energy Optimisation

Smarter systems make better use of energy - both to save costs and to contribute to a better environment. IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager™ exploits Intelligent Energy optimisation features such as POWER7 EnergyScale™ technologies to dynamically balance energy utilisation with maximum performance.

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