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Test Drive

LONDON (Rixstep) — Rixstep's Xfile Test Drive is now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through Version Tracker. adds to the robust system of Xfile with additional features outlined below.

What's New

  • ACP APIs rewritten for future consistency.
  • 'Goto' commands now have mirrored destinations.
  • Symbolic links now sort according to their dereferenced file types.
  • Alternate display colour used when more than POSIX permissions affect file access.

Xfile has for the past eight years been the #1 alternative to Apple's Finder. It's a straightforward, lean and mean file manager. Xfile does one thing and does it extremely well - it manages your file system.

Xfile is the preferred file manager for system programmers, application developers, and administrators.

Xfile gives you an overview of your entire file system with 100,000+ files and 20,000 directories all at a single glance and without overloading your computer's memory. 'Never say never' as the saying goes, but Xfile never crashes or hangs. It starts instantaneously, 'bang it's there', and renders your biggest system directories with thousands of files and in all ten columns of data in a fraction of a second.

'Finder Very Distant'

People have been praising Xfile from the get-go.

  • Macworld UK called Xfile a 'supercharged file manager' and 'a powerful bundle of OS X file management software'.
  • MacPro.se called Xfile 'überfast' and went on to admit 'it's undeniably easy to be spoiled and after several hours the Finder feels very distant'.
  • Macworld Sweden wrote 'with Xfile you get full control over all your files'.

You're Protected

Xfile protects you in ways Finder won't.

  • 'Sanity checks' performed on all file operations. No massive data loss bugs here, thank you.
  • Operations with conflicting file types are not allowed. You can no longer overwrite a folder with a file.
  • Full file permission granularity. No more 'read-only' and 'read and write' etc. You see it all, control it all.

The Pack

Xfile Test Drive ships with several additional applications.

  • FileInfo. Used for attacking legacy 'MacOS' cruft.
  • GDE. Find what's on your HDD beneath the POSIX APIs.
  • Rixcomp. Compare two of anything instantaneously.
  • Rixstamp. Unix (POSIX) time stamp control.
  • TMI. Get 'too much information' on any file system object.
  • Tracker. Don't install new software without it.
  • Xattrib. Full control of POSIX file permissions and extended flags in standalone app.
  • Xfind. Find how much disk space is used, find what's in files and what's not in files.
  • Xscan. Scour your entire system for anything, including classic attack vectors.

The commercial Xfile product ships with 19 applications; the ACP ships with over one hundred.

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