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Microsoft and McAfee join forces to make Swedes teetotalers.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — The curse of Bill Gates strikes again. Due to a pathological dependence on Microsoft, Windows, and XP, coupled with an illogical use of useless antivirus utilities, many of Sweden's state-owned monopoly spirits stores are closed today.

No Absolut Available™.

Computer Sweden report that 800,000 Windows XP computers worldwide cannot be used. Systembolaget is one of the companies hit. 'Currently we have 25 outlets we can't open and 100 more with issues', says Systembolaget's Lennart Agén.

'We've been working all night long and we hope to have fixed things in a few hours and be back in business tomorrow.'

Agén doesn't want to estimate how much has been lost in revenues. 'That's not how we look at it. The most important thing is to give service to our customers.' 'The issue is with an error in an antivirus program sent out to our stores last night. This error affected a lot of corporations worldwide and we are one of them', says the Systembolaget website.

The spirits stores can't open as long as the issue persists and thirsty Swedes will have nowhere else to turn.

Telia Down

The national telco Telia are also affected by the McAfee McGaffe with 15,000 computers knocked out.

'It started yesterday afternoon when the computers starting shutting down by themselves', says Telia's Hans Larsson. Telia had no issues reported by those able to turn their computers off before the McAfee update began.

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