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Apple: No More Mac Design Awards

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CUPERTINO (TUAW) — Apple Design Awards have forsaken desktop apps this year, only allowing submissions available through the App Store, reports Brett Terpstra of TUAW.

'This obviously would make the ADAs specific to iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad apps, disallowing any of the magnificent software for the desktop that we've seen highlighted in years past', Terpstra continues.

Apple's WWDC blurb specifically states: 'to be eligible, apps must currently be on the App Store'.

'Nominate the best iPhone and iPad apps'

Mac apps are no longer interesting to Apple in their present form. 'Nominate the best iPhone and iPad apps', says the WWDC ADA microsite.

'iPhone Developer Program members can submit nominations for iPhone and iPad apps that deserve to be recognised at the Apple Design Awards during WWDC. Nominated apps need to be on the App Store.'

That's about as clear as it gets.

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