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H.264 Rules

Flash going out.

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The growth of H.264 on the web in the past year has been dramatic. The Adobe claim that Flash is central to the web experience is more inaccurate than ever. This according to Encoding.com.

  H.264 as of Q1 2010 is the big winner with 66% of the market. Flash VP6, FLV, and Ogg Theora ore the big losers.

Encoding.com have over the past year encoded over five million videos for MTV, WebMD, Brightcove, Nokia, MySpace, Red Bull, and others. H.264 went from a 31% to a 66% share in the past four quarters and is now the largest format by far.

Flash, represented by VP6 and FLV, has a mere 26% share - less than H.264 a year ago. And all YouTube clips are available in H.264 and YouTube represent 40% of all videos on the web.

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