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CLIX 5,000 Commands

32-bit and 64-bit builds.

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BRISBANE (Rixstep) — CLIX is available now. The new CLIX package includes a 32-bit build for Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard as well as a 64-bit build for Snow Leopard.

The CLIX command collection has been updated and the total number of commands is now 5,000.

CLIX is free.

Following are the CLIX download URLs.

CLIX is no longer available in DMG format.

Two CLIX Builds

Release contains builds for both 32-bit Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard as well as 64-bit for Snow Leopard. The application bundles are found in their respective directories.

The command collection for release has been updated as previously promised.

The Command Line Interface for OS X

CLIX is the command line interface for OS X. It's similar in function to Terminal.app. But it lets you store, retrieve, edit, and run commands so you don't have to type them in all the time. Commands are sorted by file, category, title, and description.

You can make your work environment more secure with CLIX: by setting TTY tickets and a zero time stamp timeout for your system, you effectively block all trojan piggyback attempts to escalate to root. Meanwhile, CLIX will submit your password when needed and remove it when necessary. CLIX can also warn you when a script is asking for your password.

Most 'system maintenance utilities' for OS X are simply Cocoa application wrappers around AppleScript in turn around Unix shell commands. CLIX takes you right to the source without the distracting glitter. And you end up learning a few things too - something the 'wizards of OS X' system maintenance vendors are very afraid of you learning.

You might just learn you paid for something you already owned for free.

Consult this site for hundreds of articles about CLIX and Unix. Teach yourself how to fish.

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