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Android Gets Rid of Smartphone Flash?

'Twas expected.

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That stay-behind company Adobe just announced they finally have a version of Flash that will (miraculously) work well on smartphones and not sink the HTC Bismark. Then someone actually tests the product. Oh well. 'Twas expected.

But it's worse than just sinking handsets when it runs - tests show it sinks them when it's merely installed.

Only two days and it's already all over - Adobe lose first round, game set and match to everyone else. 'Twas expected.

Teh Googles engineering VP Vic Gundotra is meanwhile reported to be somewhere near Incommunicado, rewriting the company's 'all-inclusive' strategy.

Part of being open means being inclusive rather than exclusive.
 - Vic Gundotra Google
A special thank you to Adobe for their willingness to work with us and engage with us. It's much nicer than just saying no.
 - Vic Gundotra Google
Adoble Flash is so horrible it makes me want to vomit.
 - Steve Jobs Apple

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