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Mariposa Creator Busted

Busted in Slovenia.

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ĽUBĽANA (Rixstep) — Alleged Mariposa creator 'Iserdo' has been arrested in this beautiful Adriatic country.

The Mariposa botnet was considered one of the world's largest botnets with an estimated 12.7 million zombie Windows systems recruited. Mariposa was designed to harvest banking information. Officials have been working worldwide to bust the botnet creators.

Three of the people believed to have been running Mariposa were busted in Spain in December last year.

Deputy assistant director of the FBI's cyber division Jeffrey Troy explains what they've been up to.

'To use an analogy here, as opposed to arresting the guy who broke into your home, we've arrested the guy that gave him the crowbar, the map, and the best houses in the neighbourhood.'

No word yet if Troy and the other Kops plan on going after the house builders.

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