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Swedes Rage Against iPhone 4

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Raging Swedish iPhone 4 customers have filed formal complaints with Konsumentverket. 'Five formal complaints against the iPhone have been filed', says Konsumentverket registrar Ing-Marie Svanegård. Customers are complaining about the device and the Swedish web is furious about all the issues with iPhone 4.

The device was condemned earlier by consumer organisations in the US. The big issue is of course the ridiculous antenna. Users are complaining that it's difficult to get up to speed, there are device drivers to download, and so forth.

One consumer also objects to Apple's false claims in their ad campaign about inventing a video technology that appeared already six years ago. TV personality Felix Herngren totally disses the device.

People are recommending the 3GS instead. Apple's local representative Petter Ahrnstedt is speechless.

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