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Mac Developer Program Update II

As predicted.

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — Apple held a 'special event' today. 'Significant event' would be a better description. You can watch it here. (It's 90 minutes long so settle back.)


Apple have a new MacBook Air and they also have a name for Mac OS X 10.7.

'Lion'. King of the jungle.

But they've also unveiled another thing. Another thing that's been predicted at this site, another thing that's going to have a lot of people looking for the emergency exits.

The Mac App Store.

Now of course Steve wouldn't come out and say Apple are going to tie third party software to the platform as they've done with the portable devices. Oh no - that comes later. All he'd say for now is that it won't be the only place in town - only 'the best'.

Phase Two will have to wait.

The Mac App Store won't wait for Lion - it'll be active in the next 90 days. And Apple will once again offer third party houses that unbeatable deal - they'll get to keep 70% of their money. Which coincidentally is at least twice what online merchants take and in some cases ten times what they take. With no word yet about fraud prevention, absorption of chargebacks, etc.

Six months ago none of the fanboys wanted to believe any of this of course. Someone wrote to his Steveness to get - as 9 to 5 Mac put it - a 'short and sweet' dismissal of the foul rumour. (Thanks so much, Señor Valente.)

So now we can all relax again. There was never going to be a Mac App Store but now there is. But it's not really all that bad anyway. Party on.

We will never do music. We will never do video iPod. We will never do phone. We will never go Intel.
 - '9toX'
For you Apple apologists claiming Apple will never lock down the Mac, step one is in place and you all let it happen.
 - Ron Gilbert

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