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Tired of Feminists with Double Morals

Malin Otterström won't be apologising to Anna Ardin.

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 Malin Otterström with CEO Harald Ullman and consultant Kaisa Lundberg (right).

The picture above, which we used as a party invitation to Ullman PR, turned out to be very provocative. The noted rhetoric consultant Elaine Bergqvist, who teaches pretty speech to corporate clients, wrote like this as a reply to our invitation:

'Have you thought about what your invitation looks like?'

Yes, Elaine, we've thought about it. I was the one who chose that picture. And do you know why? Because it says something about our company Ullman PR. We like working together and we have a lot of fun together. Not in the least at our parties.

The picture also says that Ullman PR has an older experienced consultant with vast experience in PR and marketing but also has young consultants with fresh perspectives and other experiences in PR. It further says something about the joy of life which we readily share at our bureau.

Why is it (mostly) women, not seldom those who call themselves feminists, get so provoked? This is what feminist Anna Ardin wrote about our invitation.

'Thanks for the invitation but considering that my only connection to Ullman PR is a fight with Harald over Berns, and that this picture looks a bit like a montage and a joke, I at first - seriously - thought someone was pulling my leg. Now I realise it's serious and I think it would have been cool to attend, but sadly I'm occupied elsewhere.'

She later apologised for what she'd written after I scolded her. She's forgiven but unfortunately she's not alone. Too often I detect small hisses and glares from women who make me disappointed, angry, and upset.

Do you who complain want us young career girls to apologise for our looks every time we go to work? I'm sorry but you'll not get an apology from me. Because I've worked my butt off getting to where I am today. And I didn't slip into my position on a banana peel.

When you judge me from a photograph, you fall into the exact same trap you accuse those you criticise of: judging people from their appearance. I don't want to be judged by my appearance - I want to be judged by my performance. I don't need to be attacked when Ullman PR out of goodwill invite people to a party.

This is what we look like at Ullman PR, like it or not.

To you who seem to see us as IQ-liberated ornamentations at the Ullman offices (yes it's true, I've many times been asked if I actually do anything or just answer the phones, if I'm really bureau chief or that's only words on a business card) I've got something to tell you.

That's not the way the tough consultancy world we live in works. If you don't deliver to clients, you don't keep your job. It's that simple. And you don't get to be bureau chief by filing your nails.

A condition for the (completely justified) feminist movement and criticism of the situation in a male-dominated financial world to be successful is surely that women stop criticising each other's appearance?

Dear sisters and feminists: think about it. Be happy instead with us liberated career women. And don't forget what former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright said:

'There's a special place in hell for women who don't help each other.'

Malin Otterström
Bureau chief Ullman PR

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