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CARDIFF (Rixstep) — Rixstep's ACP Web Services are now available through this site by FTP download, through Apple Downloads, and through CNET/Version Tracker.

They're free.

One Package

All builds of the service engine, the resource browser, and the service menu editor are available in both 32-bit (pre-10.6) and 64-bit (10.6) versions and starting now they're all packaged together. So there's only one download no matter how many Macs you want to install on.

What It Does

The easiest way to explain is to check the tutorial linked below. (But that might not be too easy either.) The ACP Web Services use your Services menu to pick things up contextually from anywhere you've selected text (provided you're using native Cocoa applications or in some cases with non-native apps such as Firefox).

If you know services, you know the ACP Web Services. (Remember you must activate all services through System Preferences on 10.6.)

The services can take you anywhere you want to go - to Wikipedia or to Google in any language, to over 1,000 websites with useful information. Release provides a template and several examples of how you can automatically translate web pages to the language of your choice and how you can shorten URLs without having to type anything at all.


Download the ACP Web Services from this site by clicking here (ftp://rixstep.com/AWS.zip - 659 KB)

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