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Assange & Sweden: Witness Statement of Professor Ferrada-Noli

'I fully stand for my report. I am not alone.'

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STOCKHOLM/LONDON (Rixstep) — Marcello Ferrada-Noli's an Italian who lived much of his life in Chile, was imprisoned by Pinochet, thereafter made his way to Sweden, and who very much knows about freedom and freedom of speech and how precious they are.

Today he's also a professor emeritus of public health sciences and epidemiology. He's been head of the research group at Karolinska Institutet, the Stockholm facility responsible for the Nobel Prize in medicine.

Ferrada-Noli's also been a lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He was also one of the most outspoken for the extradition of Pinochet.

Today this former prisoner of Pinochet is fighting against another extradition - again on grounds of truth and justice. Following is his witness statement submitted to FSI.

If I am able to reveal what I know, everyone will realise this is all a charade. If I could tell the British courts, I suspect it would make extradition a moot point.
 - Björn Hurtig

I can tell you that the Swedish prosecution still hasn't provided copies of those SMS texts that have been referred to. Those texts are some of the most powerful exculpatory evidence. In Australia prosecutors have a very grave duty to disclose such evidence to courts when seeking the grave exercise of a court's power against an individual. Yet in Sweden in this case, in the first hearings to obtain an arrest warrant, those texts were not submitted to the Swedish court, which is highly improper.
 - James Catlin

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