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Sweden versus Assange

Site launch on an anniversary.

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ELLINGHAM (Rixstep) — SwedenVersusAssange.com launched today in support of the plight of Julian Assange. The site was graced with a specially produced video clarifying his situation.

The website itself provides all pertinent facts in the ongoing legal case, making it much too easy for ambitious journalists to get fact and references and get them right. Using the tab bar at the top, they choose between the four main categories 'The Case', 'Controversies', European Arrest Warrant', and 'Fair Trial in Sweden'. Each of these tabs leads to further sub-tabs and content.

The video clip - provided by the Julian Assange Defence Fund - gives viewers a brief glimpse into life in Norfolk and the Beccles constabulary.

16 June marks the six month anniversary of Julian Assange living at Ellingham with an ankle bracelet, constantly monitored by the huge 'Big Brother' multinational Serco Group.

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