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Lion: 'Ten Days After'

Mostly good, some things bad.

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CUPERTINO (Rixstep) — Apple's computer OS 'Lion' (OS X 10.7) has now been out ten days. Feedback has been generally positive but there are some sore points.

√ Safari is the new cookie monster. This doesn't actually affect 10.7 but it does affect Safari 5.x.x. And 10.6 users are getting whacked bad by it. Things seem to have taken a turn for the worse with 10.6.8. But things are OK using the same Safari version on 10.7. Go figure.


Safari's never worked right with cookie settings anyway. That 'only sites I visit' setting is supposed to refuse cookies for URLs beginning with a dot. But it never has.

The general consensus on the Apple board seems to be that one uses Firefox as long as one is still stuck on 10.6 or earlier. Apple have evidently known of this bug for a month now but so far done nothing.

√ Taking multithreading to a whole new level. Reports are surfacing of Apple threads (and CPU usage) gone wild. Cocoa applications running now under 10.7 suddenly grow new threads out of thin air and in some cases CPU usage scrapes at 100%.

√ Herp derp on the battery front. Turns out some Einstein decided to leave the battery password in the clear (and documented online) so guys like Charlie Miller can find ways to give your poor Apple laptops permanent trojans. Kudos to Chris Foresman of Ars for the Permalink of the Week™.


√ Fishy stuff with /etc/hosts. Admins reporting behaviour they can't quite get a handle on.


√ Mail's a snail. Various reports of Apple's mail client being wobbly and slow. Uncorroborated.

√ 'Those are bugs!' Someone posted a clip to YouTube.

√ Microsoft designers are dirtying their knickers. This is the best news. Apple stepped up the security game even though they didn't have to. Microsoft now have even less of a foot to stand on.


√ Rixstep software ready. Actually it always was. CLIX, Xfile, AWS, the ACP - they're all ready for 10.7. CLIX was readied several months ago!

http://rixstep.com/td http://rixstep.com/acp http://rixstep.com/aws http://rixstep.com/clix http://rixstep.com/xfile

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