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Our Man Bildt (6)

A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part six.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — Sweden's foreign minister Carl Bildt seems to never be out of the news. Bildt's repeatedly denied talking with representatives of the US about Julian Assange. Bildt's been described in the US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks as 'a medium size dog who believes he's a big dog'.

This article series takes a look at the man and what he's been up to.


√ Why did Bildt oppose the occupation of the student union?
√ Why did Bildt push so hard for membership in the European Union?
√ Why did Bildt accept a position with a notorious company like Lundin Oil?
√ Why did Bildt personally invest in Vostok Nafta and the Russian Gazprom?
√ Why did Bildt strenuously deny talking with his US friends about Julian Assange?
√ Why did Bildt travel to the US to meet with the CIA? In what capacity? What was he told?
√ Why did Bildt so vociferously demand Sweden take a tough line against Soviet submarines?

Carl Bildt has been up before the Swedish parliamentary constitutional committee because of his involvement with Lundin Oil/Lundin Petroleum. Does he really think he has the confidence of the Swedish people in conducting an impartial Swedish foreign diplomacy?

The atrocities that took place (and continue to take place) in the horn of Africa are well documented. Being a visitor to the area and being the Lundin liaison with the governments there, is it really possible Carl Bildt had no knowledge of the crimes against humanity that were being perpetrated for his and Lundin's own interests?

Kerstin Lundell says Carl Bildt's and Lundin's silence is a winning strategy. But does Carl Bildt really believe such a strategy can win in the long run? Doesn't Carl Bildt care at all how history judges him?

Carl Bildt was described in the embassy cables as a 'medium size dog with big dog attitude'. But is he really a medium size dog? Or has he merely postured himself as one?

I don't have blood in my veins - I have oil in them.
 - Adolf Lundin
We're not political. We can't interfere with domestic affairs.
 - Ian Lundin
You are enhancing the conflict by engaging in oil investments.
 - Gerhart Baum, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Sudan to the UN
I'm always watching over my shoulder. To see if someone's following me. Someone might be out to do me harm for what I wrote in my book. I don't know if that's the case, I haven't received any tangible threats. But you can't be too careful.
 - Kerstin Lundell

One: Introduction | Two: Lundin Oil | Three: Block 5A | Four: Persson & Schibbye | Five: Media Outcry | Six: Questions | Seven: Bibliography

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