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Our Man Bildt (7)

A look into the affairs of Sweden's minister for foreign affairs. Part seven.

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DUCKPOND (Rixstep) — Sweden's foreign minister Carl Bildt seems to never be out of the news. Bildt's repeatedly denied talking with representatives of the US about Julian Assange. Bildt's been described in the US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks as 'a medium size dog who believes he's a big dog'.

This article series takes a look at the man and what he's been up to.


Human Rights Watch: Sudan, Oil, and Human Rights
ECOS: UNPAID DEBT: The Legacy of Lundin, Petronas and OMV in Sudan, 1997-2003

The Local: Bildt avoids Sudan war crimes probe
The Local: Bildt slams paper over 'amateur' reporting
The Local: 'Lundin may have led Bildt to the heart of darkness'
The Local: Bildt invokes Hitler in condemning Russian assault, no longer welcome in Moscow

Ordfront: Business in Blood and Oil (Swedish)

TIME: Swedish Firm Complicit in Sudan's War?
The Omega Connection: Whisky on the Rocks!
Under Mattan: Carl Bildt & Lundin Oil (Swedish)
Expressen: Lundin Oil's Oil Deals with Gadaffi (Swedish)
Ordfront magasin: Kerstin Lundell: Tystnadens triumf (Swedish)
ReliefWeb: Briefing document on the Emergency in the South of Sudan

Crude Oil Peak: Sudan Nile blend in decline - why we should be concerned
National Encyclopaedia: Blood and oil - meeting with Kerstin Lundell (Swedish)
Prins Engineering: Satellite pictures of effects of dispossession Sudan Block 5A
Ethopian Times: Carl Bildt worked for Lundin Oil, why he's soft on the Ethiopian dictator

Swedish State Radio: Carl Bildt: 'I was working for peace!' (Swedish)
Swedish State Radio: Left party demanded Bildt's immediate resignation (Swedish)
Swedish State Radio: Lundin Oil investigated for crimes against humanity (Swedish)

SvD: Book Review: Business in Blood and Oil (Swedish)
Wikipedia: Television show 'Dinner with Bildt' (Swedish)
SvD: Lundin active in Ethiopia during Bildt's years (Swedish)
The Bodström Society: Thomas Bodström on Carl Bildt (Swedish)

Aftonbladet: Resign Bildt! (Swedish)
Expressen: Left party demand Bildt's resignation (Swedish)
Expressen: Bildt needs to change his policy or resign (Swedish)
SvD: Bildt before constitutional committee for Russian investments (Swedish)
Expressen: Carl Bildt investigated for crimes against humanity (Swedish)

YouTube: Protest in Stockholm Against Carl Bildt 14 January 2012 (1/3)
YouTube: Protest in Stockholm Against Carl Bildt 14 January 2012 (2/3)
YouTube: Protest in Stockholm Against Carl Bildt 14 January 2012 (3/3)

YouTube: Swedish Journalists Charged With Terrorism in Ethiopia
YouTube: Imprisonment of Swedish journalists in Ethiopia sparks outrage in Europe

I don't have blood in my veins - I have oil in them.
 - Adolf Lundin
We're not political. We can't interfere with domestic affairs.
 - Ian Lundin
You are enhancing the conflict by engaging in oil investments.
 - Gerhart Baum, Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Sudan to the UN
I'm always watching over my shoulder. To see if someone's following me. Someone might be out to do me harm for what I wrote in my book. I don't know if that's the case, I haven't received any tangible threats. But you can't be too careful.
 - Kerstin Lundell

One: Introduction | Two: Lundin Oil | Three: Block 5A | Four: Persson & Schibbye | Five: Media Outcry | Six: Questions | Seven: Bibliography

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