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Third Quick Case Dismissed

Cleaning up their biggest judicial scandal ever.

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DUCKPOND — It's the biggest judicial scandal ever in Sweden. So far. It's the case of Sture Ragnar Bergwall aka Thomas Quick who over the years was convicted in seven trials of eight murders with no witnesses or evidence whatsoever.

Today chief prosecutor Jonas Almström closed the third of the eight cases, that of the murder of Johan Asplund in 1980. A murder Thomas Quick was convicted of without a shred of evidence.

'There is no interrogation with Bergwall (Quick) where he recounts things in a way that matches the forensic investigation', said Quick's new attorney Thomas Olsson.

Because Quick was living in a drug-rich world of fantasy, said Almström, his words should be taken with caution. But no one did.

The family of Johan Asplund expressed their joy at the ruling. They have been insisting all along that Quick was innocent and that the police had to find who really murdered their Johan.

Three cases have now been reopened and three verdicts successively overturned. Five more cases from four more trials remain. All should be reopened and rulings can be expected soon.

Hannes Råstam's book on the Quick case is to be published posthumously this spring.

The Quick Mafia

The group responsible for this miscarriage of justice are now called the 'Quick Mafia'. And every last one of them - from the psychologist to the prosecutor to the police inspector to the 'expert witnesses' to the 'bribed' defence attorney Claes Borgström - made a career and/or a personal fortune off the affair.

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