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PROOF: Julian Assange Didn't Flee Sweden

An admission from Marianne Ny's office clears up eighteen months of malicious smears.

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DUCKPOND — Another Duckpond media elite theory blown: Julian Assange wasn't warned by his lawyer Björn Hurtig that Marianne Ny was going to issue an arrest warrant for him 27 September 2010. This is information previously kept secret by the Swedish prosecution authority and revealed to the general public only now for the first time.

The tiresome recurring smear by the Swedish media elite through article after article and at least one television documentary ('Julian Assange - The World's Love Affair') has always been that Julian Assange received advance information from his lawyer Björn Hurtig of what Ny was up to and so decided to flee.

New information from Marianne Ny's office now reveals for the first time that this is not true: Julian Assange did not flee Sweden.

Julian Assange has always contended he found out about the secret warrant only the day after he arrived in Berlin (28 September) at which time Hurtig did reach him and tell him the news.

The website of the Swedish prosecution authority has never revealed what happened that month of September. Or why they should issue such a warrant when Julian Assange repeatedly asked to be interrogated and was denied for the flimsiest reasons.

Julian Assange was telling the truth.

How We Know

Ace sleuth and Flashback doyen 'MoLoK' has been keeping an eye on Marianne Ny for over a year. And in this time has cultivated quite the relationship with her office in the western town of Gothenburg. MoLoK reported to Flashback 14 March.


Spring is here! And with it new thoughts. I want to begin by saying that I hope you're doing well at the Development Centre in Gothenburg and that your work will further help the Swedish prosecution authority.

I've contacted you previously to ask for the date Julian Assange was arrested in absentia. You replied on that occasion that it was 27 September 2010. I'm now wondering if there is any information at what time of day this occurred. Perhaps there is a time recorded somewhere? Or perhaps you can find this out? And if not then please explain if this situation is unique for this case or if no warrants have precise time stamps.

I wish you a continued pleasant day and I hope you can help me with my inquiry.

And the reply:

The time for the decision to arrest Julian Assange in absentia was 14:15 27 September 2010.

Per the undersigned.

Britt Svensson
Prosecution Authority
Development Centre Gothenburg

'Someone withheld the warrant'

Flashbacker 'duqu' immediately understands the ramifications.

So someone withheld the warrant. Because Julian Assange was at the Arlanda international airport the same day after 16:00 and he boarded his flight to Berlin at 17:00 for a takeoff at approximately 17:20. So that ends the theories about Hurtig tipping Assange off that a warrant would be issued by the district court. Assange would have left at least a day before that if he'd known.

But there's more. For Julian's luggage - a number of extra laptops he was taking with him - was stolen. The luggage was never recovered, indicating the spooks were already on location and waiting for him so they could snatch it. 'Trenterx' comments.

Yes. Either it's coincidence that the warrant for Assange and Assange's trip to Berlin take place on the same day. Or else Marianne Ny finds out he's purchased a ticket to Berlin and takes the opportunity to issue a warrant. In which case it's highly remarkable he wasn't stopped at Arlanda.

Remarkable indeed. Keeping in mind that Assange's luggage was stolen from a flight with almost no passengers whatsoever, with absolutely no other luggage checked in whatsoever, there wasn't much chance for a foulup or for one to be the victim of accidental happenstance. The authorities at the airport obviously knew of his planned departure.

And yet they were evidently under orders to take the laptops but let him leave the country. Despite the fact a warrant for his arrest had been issued hours earlier and had been planned long before that.

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