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Assange in Sweden: Charges Filed Against Marianne Ny

Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren file with the ombudsman for justice.

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — Amidst growing scepticism and hostility towards Swedish media, the Swedish judicial system, and in particular Marianne Ny, journalists Helene Bergman and Anders Carlgren have today filed charges against Marianne Ny for her handling of the Assange case.

It's become increasingly apparent that Sweden's objectives in the case have only been a pretence. Several statements by Marianne Ny and later minister for foreign affairs Carl Bildt about the illegality of questioning Julian Assange on UK soil have finally been rebutted.

The Swedish media meanwhile have effected a near 100% blackout on reporting on international developments in the Assange case, going so far as to not even report that their own government rejected Ecuador's offer to question Julian Assange in London.

It's in this context journalists Bergman and Carlgren filed charges against Marianne Ny with the ombudsman for justice.

We most urgently demand that the ombudsman for justice investigate the Swedish handling of the case of Julian Assange by prosecutor Marianne Ny.

1. Mr Assange could have been interrogated by Swedish police before he left the country on 27 September 2010 with the knowledge of Marianne Ny. By that time, Mr Assange had been available for questioning for five weeks.

2. Since arriving in London, Mr Assange has on several occasions offered to give his own version of what happened in Stockholm in August 2010, either at the Swedish embassy or via video link.

Marianne Ny has on all occasions ignored or rejected Mr Assange's proposals.

We are, as Julian Assange's lawyer Baltasar Garzón, seriously troubled by the lack of safeguards and transparency in the actions taken against Julian Assange, as well as the harassment which irreparably damages his physical and mental wellbeing.

The threats against his person are further aggravated by the complicit behaviour of the Swedish governmental authorities.

This has implied that Mr Assange's civil rights, and his rights according to the European Convention, have been violated.

Helene Bergman
Anders Carlgren

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