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Samsung to Pay $290 Million More

And it's not over yet.

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CUPERTINO/SAMSUNG TOWN (Rixstep) — A jury in California today awarded Apple an additional $290 million for infringements by Samsung. This adds to the half billion already awarded. Further cases are to appear next year.

'We are grateful to the jury for showing Samsung that copying has a cost', said Apple.

'Apple doesn't own beautiful and sexy', said a Samsung lawyer.

Admitted Theft

The Korean company Samsung had admitted infringements, suggesting they pay $52 million, whilst Apple went for $380 million. Several of Apple's patents were infringed, such as the 'pinch and zoom' gesture.

New Trial March 2014

As most of the infringements concern older devices, a new trial will begin in March 2014 to deal with more current models.

So far the Cupertino company have been awarded close to $1 billion but Samsung seem undaunted.

'While we move forward with our post-trial motions and appeals, we will continue to innovate with groundbreaking technologies and great products that are loved by our many customers all around the world', the company said in a statement.

The eight members of the jury were given calculators and highlighter pens to calculate how much Samsung should pay.

Apple's Technological Revolution

Apple invented the smartphone market in 2007 by radically changing the relationship between carriers and OEMs. Their iPhone, first previewed in an historic presentation by Steve Jobs, revolutionised the industry and technology in general.

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