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Where in the world is Sofia Wilén?

Who knows where she's come from or where she's gone to now?

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STOCKHOLM (Rixstep) — It's been over three years since anyone's heard from or seen Sofia Wilén, the individual behind the embassy stalemate for Julian Assange. Assange stays in the Ecuador embassy in Knightsbridge, fearful he'll be shipped off to the US if he sets foot outside to clear up the allegations.

Sofia's own story was that she coincidentally began reading about Assange a fortnight before learning he was coming to Stockholm, then applied for a ticket to attend his talk in town, then got herself invited to a Saturday lunch with him, then took him to her place of work for hanky-panky, then pursued him in town a few days later, then invited him to her flat outside town for the night when he dissed her initial suggestion of taking into a hotel.

Sofia says she and Julian mostly had sex over and over again all night long, even though things got off to a slow start as Julian was exhausted from lack of sleep. He started recovering in the wee hours after resting, all the while Sofia was texting someone with updates.

(Julian's never been able to give his version of events as the new prosecutor Marianne Ny refused to speak with him while he remained in the country to clear up the matter, then issued a secret warrant for his arrest when it became known he agreed to take her up on her offer to temporarily leave; Julian was then informed by his lawyer Björn Hurtig that Marianne Ny had planned an 'ambush' for his return, complete with journalists and paparazzi who were to get photos of him being led away in handcuffs; and so Julian choose the prudent path, as he knew something was definitely not right.)

Sofia turned up on several occasions for interrogations with the police, always assisted by her attorney Claes Borgström, but it's not known if she turned up in person or was merely interrogated by telephone as many of the other witnesses.

Sofia recently changed attorneys, expressing dissatisfaction with Claes Borgström who began to amass too much negative publicity, mostly for his part in the Quick scandal. Sofia's new attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz came out with guns blazing but chiefly made a mess of things, forging and fudging official documents, and revealing a weakness for unprofessional bombast.

But since then all's been quiet. Sofia's no longer in Swedish public records. Her official address changed shortly after the events of August 2010, and since then no one's been able to find her. Although it's possible she simply got her personal details hidden by the tax authority, too many people connected with her have, just as she did back in 2010, scrubbed their Internet presence.

Sofia once had her own website sofiawilen.com, hosted by GoDaddy. There she had portfolios of her photographs, and at one time was to have had her photographs from Julian's talk in Stockholm. These photographs were to have been later replaced by photographs of dwarf rabbits using the same file names as the photos of Assange. After a patient wait until the Google caches caught up, all images were removed, the website was shut down, as were her blog, her Facebook page, and her Twitter account.

(Her Twitter account - number 267951659 - has been renamed a number of times and is now @xzzq; she has 72 tweets, is following 53 other accounts, including a number of political organisations, has 0 (zero) followers, and the account is protected.)

It was the thoroughness of this 'web scrubbing' that made people wonder. Her website was completely gone by 27 August, the only date for which the Wayback machine has anything at all, a mere week after her visit to the Stockholm Klara police station.

And right there one finds a huge quandary: the Wayback machine will not operate on websites specifically asking to not be recorded, but Sofia's isn't one of them. The suggestion's been that the site's robots.txt was doctored after the fact to give the appearance that it's always been possible to archive the site when it fact it has not. The person behind this is not your ordinary girl on the street, not even your ordinary web guru - it's someone with extremely esoteric knowledge not available to all.

It's long been assumed that no one is capable of entirely removing their web presence, but Sofia was totally gone. There are caches and the Wayback machine which records everything: there are just too many ways things stay online forever. But the old adage 'once it's on the Internet it stays there forever' didn't seem to apply in the case of Sofia Wilén. And as she doesn't seem to possess the credentials to do something so sophisticated herself, something even the experts deemed to be impossible, it's been suggested she had help - very very good help. And although there are people in her immediate family - notably her father - who can have had some experience with the web, the level of sophistication and thoroughness in the scrubbing of Sofia Wilén's web presence suggests a level of expertise unknown to almost everyone, save perhaps the NSA and the Swedish FRA.

Some people - most notably at Flashback - were able to find pictures of her at blogs and websites associated with, amongst others, her old boyfriend Seth; but as soon as these pictures were made public - in a matter of hours - the sites and blogs were shut down, indicating Sofia still keeps a close eye on the Flashback forum.

A particular thorn in her side seems to be the police documents which leaked in January 2011, were translated by Rixstep, became the basis of the book 'Assange in Sweden', and were submitted to the British court in Belmarsh as the official translation. This is something Sofia doesn't like: she's contacted a number of sites having copies, either in Swedish or English, and demanded they be taken down. (No one's complied.)

Start of a New Year

Today, thanks mostly to the work of the mysterious and indefatigable 'Arbed' who's gone over available documents with an extremely fine toothed comb, it's generally accepted that 'wallflower' Sofia is actually an agent, and that the 'wallflower' was simply a cover for very effective spying, something born out by new photos of her in various heretofore unknown scenarios.

There've also been whispers about town that if you need a honeytrap for business or politics, Sofia's your girl.

The new year at Flashback started off with old timer ErrorFlynn [sic] returning and wishing everyone a happy 2014. He pointed out that Sofia Wilén is conspicuous in her absence and getting conspicuouser and conspicuouser by the day.

How long is it since anyone's had a proof of life for Sofia Wilén? Has she been disappeared for over three years now? Or has she popped up somewhere since she turned up out of nowhere and just happened to end up sitting in the lap of Julian Assange?


You have to wonder why she went to ground when the other complainant isn't at all allergic to visibility. If Sofia did move abroad, it's possible her lawyers don't even meet with her anymore but only communicate via telephone, email, snail mail, or messenger.

The final interrogation on Borgström's invoice has to be the last reliable sign of life. It's not been established that her new attorney Elisabeth Massi Fritz has ever seen her face to face.


We could use some new FOI documents.

- The official correspondence of Linda Wassgren and Maria Häljebo Kjellstrand on 20 August 2010

- Details how that 'part of condom' from Sofia ended up with the police in a case that had already been closed

- The chronology of events 27 September which is still lacking: Marianne Ny insists she arrested Assange in secret on this day, three hours before his computers were stolen from the airport


Because I believe Sofia Wilén is a paid agent just as her brother (and maybe even her father) I am very suspicious about her version of events. They don't hold together chronologically; there's too much happening. And then the meet with her brother outside the store. And what was that about 'rigging it' before Assange turned up in her flat?


Sofia wanted to take Assange to a hotel on Monday 16 August 2010, but Julian didn't like the idea, instead suggesting they go to her flat. So any rigging would have been ready at the hotel Sofia would choose, and not in her own flat.


Precisely! Sofia Wilén is some sort of agent - in the sense that she carries out assignments for others.


If Sofia's only a groupie then of course she still wants a hotel room in town - easier to get to work in the morning.

[You don't want to leave too early if you're with the coolest guy in the world. For ordinary folks Stockholm's hotels are just too expensive. Ed.]

If she's an agent then the hotel is better as it's easier to bug.

I can't know what she was thinking. It should be easier to rig one's own home, but I really don't know anything about that. Perhaps she was a reluctant agent, persuaded to take the assignment, and balked at getting too involved personally.

Julian may have been tired of living in hotels. Maybe he didn't appreciate how far away it was to Enköping.

[Sofia testified that Julian said he preferred being with girls in their 'natural habitat'. Enköping isn't that far away - Sofia commuted by train to her job in Stockholm every day. Ed.]

As far as rigging goes, it shouldn't make much difference. But Sweden's PSYOPS HQ is right there in her home town Enköping, only a stone's throw from her flat. And her brother of course would have had a key to her flat.

But what I find most confusing are all the events and how they all happened, both the day before when the 'crime' was supposed to have been committed and also later with the hospital visits and the trip to the police station.

But by sifting through it all carefully and clearly, step by step finding out what actually happened, we might be able to stumble upon evidence of who's behind it all (if in fact there's someone behind it).

It could be just incredibly unfortunate circumstances and ditzy feminists which led to this chain of improbable events.

But what speaks against that is the unreasonable commotion the prosecutor, the foreign office, and the media have made of it all once Julian was given the go-ahead to leave the country. Were this a simple case of molestation, then what we've witnessed is tantamount to shooting gnats with a cannon. So the avalanche of extreme reactions is the strongest evidence that the Swedish state (and the US state - same thing today) are behind it all.

Sifting through this carefully is very important. Those who have the aptitude should construct a timeline where we see clearly what things transpire and in which chronological order. Then those of us not so talented can help discuss the facts.

Something valuable may result.

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