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These Two Own Sweden

And the ducks take care of the rest. From the original by 'Angry Foreigner'.

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DUCKBURG (Rixstep) — The following image is a breakdown of how only two names/corporations own the Swedish MSM. A question: can this shape opinion in the duckpond?

I can think of two examples.

  1. We don't hear about scandals in the Feminist Initiative party because those who own the media are watching their backs. Kristina Gustafsson Bonnier is the second biggest donor to FI. Her daughter Anna Rantala Bonnier is one of the top names for FI - she was #7 on their ballot for the Stockholm election in 2014.

    The party's garnered more media attention since she became a member. As you noticed in 2014, this attention wasn't negative either. On the contrary: the coverage called for more 'fair' reporting.

    And it was likely for this reason that the media held to a complete blackout on the scandal where FI's youth league drove a young man to suicide:


  2. Chang Frick recently revealed that the broadsheet daily Dagens Nyheter had covered up systematic sexual attacks by immigrant youths. Sweden's MSM retaliated with character assassination. Bonnier's new rag KIT tried to portray Chang as a tax evader, and not a single established journalist or media site has shown any interest in checking out KIT's sources.

    This despite the fact that Norway's Journalist Association corroborated the story about the coverup, and attested Frick's sources as trustworthy:


It would seem that Sweden's journalists watch each other's backs. Perhaps this is because they all have the same employers. Is this possibly the source of our 'consensus' climate?

Postscript: Don't Go There!

On 18 January, the WikiLeaks Twitter account tweeted the following:

'The quality and courage of Swedish 'journalism' has a long history'

And linked to the following article:


The matter was covered in part here:


The occasion was Assange being granted asylum by Ecuador. And amongst others, a cabinet minister went berserk.

But there was more to it than the immature outbursts of an obscure minister. As the article points out, the attacks have come from all corners and been quite vicious. That in itself gives credence to the speculation above.

But there's more. For the website in question, Fria Tider or 'Free Times', has a nasty reputation in the duckpond. Based in Estonia, Fria Tider is long since branded by the Swedish MSM as a 'hate site', a bunch of fascists, a bunch of racists.

And as 'Angry Foreigner' pointed out in his viral video clip, that just about ends any discussion - no one will dare say a word.

Or perhaps the smear is due to one of these articles they published?

The one on Dagens Nyheter fabricating a story about racism in the fire brigade?


Or this one about the PC elite's 'propaganda minister' having faked his academic credentials?


Or these on the same 'minister'?


Could 'Free Times' be a 'racist' site? Does it matter for this discussion, for the sake of a single tweet? The article on the smearing of Assange is unique - no one else in the Swedish media dared write about it.

But the article was good, and certainly factual and without bias. And without a hint of - as is found so often in the Swedish MSM today - propaganda and 'preaching'. The author isn't trying to influence, only share facts. That's the essence of journalism. As the followup @wikileaks tweet made clear:

We link to stories, not organisations. Please specify which fact is wrong in the story. We can't see one.

Sometimes the truth is enough to make a point.

But what did Swedes say to @wikileaks tweeting that link?

Wtf?! Why are you linking to a racist web site?
So again sharing nonsense from dubious sources? This time you're basically promoting fascism.
WTF promoting fascism ?
And again with supporting rascists
Why are you linking an outspoken fascist newspaper?
Fria Tider is a racist propaganda site, please do not endorse them.
Are you aware that 'Friatider' is a website that supports racism and fascism, and with links to Nazism?

And so forth. It's pretty obvious none of that crew read the article. They saw where the link was leading and ran for it. Cognitive dissonance hurts bad. Particularly in the infamous duckpond.

What's worst of course is that they didn't get to see what their wonderful media did again, just as they did in countless character assassinations before Assange. Just as in the case of Billy Butt, where Expressen openly solicited 'audience participation'; as in the case of Mikael Persbrandt, where the Bonniers had their Expressen persecute a celebrity to boost newsstand sales (for which they got busted); as in the da Costa case, where Olle Andersson described the 'lynch mob' outside the courtroom, not ordinary citizens but exclusively Swedish MSM journalists; and as in so many others.

Comedian Jonas Inde likens the phenomenon to North Korea: the people of Sweden have become so regulated, so robotic, by their PC-mafia, their Big Brother MSM, that they no longer know what they feel, only what they ought to.

I'm so sick of it all. Will it never end? At any rate I want to say the other girl's just as much to blame.
 - Anna Ardin

Apparently Swedish laws are unique. If you have a penis you're half a rapist before you even get through customs.
 - Scott Adams

If I am able to reveal what I know, everyone will realise this is all a charade. If I could tell the British courts, I suspect it would make extradition a moot point.
 - Björn Hurtig

I can tell you that the Swedish prosecution still hasn't provided copies of those SMS texts that have been referred to. Those texts are some of the most powerful exculpatory evidence. In Australia prosecutors have a very grave duty to disclose such evidence to courts when seeking the grave exercise of a court's power against an individual. Yet in Sweden in this case, in the first hearings to obtain an arrest warrant, those texts were not submitted to the Swedish court, which is highly improper.
 - James Catlin

The prosecutor could achieve this broadening of the law during Assange's trial so he can be convicted of a crime that didn't exist at the time he allegedly committed it. She would need to. There is no precedent for this. The Swedes are making it up as they go along.
 - James Catlin

Julian Assange will surely learn that considering what WikiLeaks has published, he's got a few enemies in the Pentagon, the CIA, and the White House. Sweden began an investigation into rape which was later dismissed. Assange was even denied residence in Sweden. One can only speculate to what extent the security agencies of the US were involved. And considering the obvious interest of the US to silence WikiLeaks, is it likely Assange will have an accident of the 'Boston brakes' kind in the coming years? Or will he be snared with compromising information of the 'honey trap' kind?
 - 'Drozd' at Flashback 23 October 2010

The truth will out, the truth wins out. Let no journalist ever again speculate into what the protocols say. Six months of digging and the people at Flashback have the actual documents. The sleaze printed by rags such as the Daily Mail, Sweden's Aftonbladet and Expressen, and perhaps above all the toxic Nick Davies of the Guardian, can stand no more. Yet more: these documents are an indictment of the 'news organisations' who've printed deliberate inaccuracies all along or even worse: refused to print anything at all. Nick Davies' account of the protocols was maliciously skewed; both Aftonbladet and Expressen had copies early on and printed nothing. Bloggers had copies but arrogantly kept the information to their Smeagol selves.
 - The Assange Police Protocol: Translator's Note

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